Saturday, 6 August 2011

Melon, Lettuce and Cashewnuts

Melon, Lettuce and Cashewnuts

Ingredients for 1:
A quarter of a Melon cut into cubes
A Handful of toasted Cashew nuts (don't toast them if you are going Raw)
2 heads of Gems lettuce

Extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, Salt and black pepper


Melone, lattuga e anacardi

Ingredienti per 1:
Un quarto di un melone bianco tagliato a cubetti
Una manciata di anacardi tostati (non tostateli se siete crudisti)
2 cespi di lattugina

Olio extravergine di oliva, succo di limone, sale e pepe


  1. I have recently found your blog and am inspired by your creation of a new salad each day! The melon, lettuce and cashews evokes summer and looks so refreshing. Lovely photo.

  2. Thanks a lot Deb. I'm happy to inspire you. Stay tuned there are more recipes to come.



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