Tuesday, 1 November 2011

365 Days of Salads and counting

Well, everything started here.
After creating 365 salads in one year.
My challenge was coming to an end.
365 days, 365 new and original salads photographed and posted here.
But I didn't give up there nor now after 4 year.

I can't believe the number of combinations I've created,
some are very good, others OK, others so and so,
but I was learning in the process and I've definitely honed my skills.

I started this project to see if it was possible to create 365 salads for lunch from my desk, in the office or at home.
I was keen on demonstrating that salads are a yummy, fancy and complete meal, and I feel like I did it in the end.
I actually felt like I've just started nailing the art of salad making.
Only now I'm really getting the tricks on how to make successful dishes.

I've been studying and reading a lot about nutrition, seasonal veggies, properties of the ingredients, food associations, vegetarianism, vegan-ism, raw vegan-ism, local farming, organic farming, etc...
I feel kind of knowledgeable on many food-related issues, but there is always more to learn.

I hope I raised a little bit of awareness about the importance of having a sustainable, organic and healthy diet.
Especially about what your diet impact on your personal health, your local community,
and ultimately on the future of our children and of the planet in itself.

Eat a lot of tasty salads. An be proud of it.



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