Saturday, 8 January 2011

Goat Cheese, Wild Rice and Sundried tomatoes

Goat Cheese, Wild Rice and Sundried tomatoes

Ingredient for 1:
Mature Goat Cheese 200 gr
Wild Rice 100 gr
10/12 Sun dried tomatoes
Lemon Thyme
Pine nuts

Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Formaggio di capra, riso selvaggio e Pomodori secchi

Ingredienti per 1:
Formaggio di capra leggermente stagionato 200 gr (o pecorino) a cubetti
100 gr di riso selvaggio
10/12 Pomodori secchi titati fini fini
Timo limone

Sale e pepe
Olio extra vergine di oliva


  1. What a healthy and colourful dish. This looks picture perfect, almost to good to eat.

  2. Is wild rice the same as brown/red rice?

  3. Hi Raw Girl
    i think they are similar

    Brown rice (or "hulled rice") is unmilled or partly milled rice, a kind of whole, natural grain. It has a mild nutty flavor, is chewier and more nutritious than white rice, but goes rancid more quickly because the germ—which is removed to make white rice—contains fats that can go bad.[1] Any rice, including long-grain, short-grain, or sticky rice, may be eaten as brown rice.

    (source: )

    Wild rice (also called Canada rice, Indian rice, and water oats) is four species of grasses forming the genus Zizania, and the grain which can be harvested from them. The grain was historically gathered and eaten in both North America and China. While it is now something of a delicacy in North America, the grain is no longer eaten in China, where the plant's stem is used as a vegetable.

    (source: )

  4. Hi! I just found your site and I love it.

    As it so happens, I have leftover wild rice and I think this salad would be perfect. Do you use sun dried tomatoes packed in oil? Mine are just dried in a bag and I'm wondering if I should first soak them.

  5. @a2zmom: I prefer the dried ones, I usually soak them for 10 minutes in warm water.



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