Thursday 2 December 2010

Prawns, Mange Touts and Curry Rice

Prawns, Mange touts and Curry Rice

Ingredients for 1:
Prawns 100 gr
Mange Touts (Snap peas) 100 gr
Curry Rice 100 gr
Sunflower Seeds

1 tea spoon of Curry powder mixed with 1/2 a lemon juice.
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Gamberi, fagiolini e riso al curry

Ingredienti per 1:
Gamberi 100 gr
fagiolini 100 gr
Riso al curry 100 gr
Erba cipollina
Semi di girasole

1 cucchiaino di curry in polvere mescolato con 1 / 2 di succo di limone.
Olio extra vergine di oliva
Sale e pepe

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