Thursday, 5 September 2019

FROM 5TH TO 12TH SEPTEMBER CLEAN PLATE | DIRTY MOUTH, (CP|DM): is a plant-based dining concept that uses cooking as a vessel for creativity and self-expression. Its name is a play on words, and encourages diners to find their own interpretation. To some an image of artfully plated dish might come to mind (clean plate), to others a messy meal that has left them with a dirty mouth. What’s really in the name…? That’s for you to decide. dinner SMALL PLATES (cuz sharing iz caring; but if you wanna eat alone, we recommend 2-3 plates per person) melt down * smoked aubergine / zhoug / tomato seeds rollin’ with a zing chard cigars / fragrant black rice / roasted lemon gel green light district * french bean hummus / garlic oil / FERMENTED GLASS / poppy seed shichimi seared fennel / muhhamara emulsion / crispy capers garden of my mind * greens / radish / sumac dressing / za’atar flakes / pomelo / gochujang shrooms sticky business corn ribs / tamarind glaze / sour cashew tangled tangerine carrot ribbons / galangal gastrique / black gomasio / coriander oil don’t b a chik’n bbq’d shroom skewer / black rice / shatta sauce * av DESSERTS cool story, brew rum chickpeas / pear / basil grapes / roasted soil / coffee custard baleboste’s lullaby coconut milk / pistachio dust / rose water ain’t no bupkes ho-nay cake + pistachio crème by @beatenbyawhisker / boozy fruit compote BRUNCH omlettin’ yo go chickpea flour / muhammara / zhough ain’t no bupkes tahini chocolate babka / roasted apricot rosemary butter / coconut yogurt green light district French bean hummus / roasted garlic oil / crispy chickpeas / poppy seed shichimi garden of my mind greens / radish / sumac dressing / za’atar flakes / pomelo / gochujang shrooms melt down * smoked aubergine / zhoug / tomato seeds ABOUT THE CHEF Gaja Klapucka behind @eatclean_talkdirty treats each plate as canvas and uses it to create a bridge between her and the world, by translating emotions into food. She draws the inspiration for dishes from distant memories, nature, art, people and the Life itself. “I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.”

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